Do you ever get hungry for authentic home-cooking, just like Grandma used to make? Do you love big, meaty all-beef burgers? And here, in Hardy County, W.Va., the chicken capital of the country, how about sampling some delicious, fresh chicken, "Broasted" using a special recipe that makes it both crispy and crunchy on the outside and tender and delicious inside? You can get that wonderful dining experience at Star Mercantile in Wardensville. No big-city food at big-city prices here. Just the real deal at an affordable price. With a full menu and changing daily specials, you'll get authentic whole food at reasonable prices made by skilled hands.

Download our menu here, and check out our Facebook page for daily specials.

Broaster Chicken

If you've ever tasted it, you know that Genuine Broaster Chicken is about the best chicken eating experience you've ever had. People call it crunchy, tender, juicy, full of flavor—that is, once they've dug into the first few pieces. (It's hard to talk with your mouth full of happiness.) Come in today and sample some of the best chicken around, the only place you can get it all of Hardy County. Or call us at 304.874.3663 and order a bird or two to go, with fixin's and sides, to take on the road with you. It's Wardensville's newest sensation!

We know that lots of good folks have special dining needs, and we're able to work with you at the Star. Just talk to the friendly person taking your order – we'll do our very best to accommodate you with delicious items that may not appear on the daily menu.

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